The space around you is your canvas, and your imagination painted across the realm of atoms and molecules that surround you. Want to create images in thin air? Well now, with the introduction of the 3Doodler you can simply LIFT your imagination off the page!

Lo and behold the 3Doodler – the world’s first and only 3D pen that allows you to draw in thin air… Literally! The fact that this mini-miracle is even possible is all thanks to an innovative new product called ABS plastic that enables you to let your creativity run wild. All you need is the ability to scribble, doodle, draw or trace a finger randomly in the air and voila; your image is crafted to perfection.

From flat forms to peel off pieces of paper the creative possibilities for this super-pen are endless. Create jewelry or ornaments, 3D spectacles or intricate pieces of art, there is no stopping what all you can do!

Measuring 190mm long and 24mm thick the 3Doodler promises limitless potential. And priced at a mere 100 USD it comes as no surprise the uber-cool new gadget is already sold-out and won’t be available in the market until February of next year… Hmm, if only we could ‘draw-up’ another solution.