Sky-writing is indeed an impressive way to propose to your girl, but it’s also death for your bank account. But it appears now, that the time is not far when this technological marvel will become cheaper by the dozen.

The world’s largest drone-maker DJI, claims that its futuristic drone will be able to sky paint at will, controlled by an all-gesture interface. The Chinese tech giant has released a video of their new Phantom X Concept drone which not only sky paints but also does object tracking, multi-angle video shooting and can even dodge obstacles in its way.

Sky painting will literally become as simple as waving your hands in the air

You will also be able to control multiple drones while they film you, using your watch and tablet

The device is expected to trail at a speed of 30mph, with a similar touch as Lily, which is a drone that follows you around. DJI also revealed that we will no longer have to use buttons or twist and turn drones to activate them.

Just throwing them in the air will do the magic!