Tech mogul Bill Gates announced one of the biggest clean energy partnerships in history this week. ClimateWire reports that the Microsoft co-founder will invest an estimated $2 billion of his own money in carbon-free energy research and development.

The news was revealed at the United Nations climate summit in Paris.

“I am doing it because I believe that the next half-decade will bring many breakthroughs that will help solve climate change,” Gates wrote on his blog.

He further disclosed that a ‘coalition’ of billionaires and world leaders from the US, India and France will join him in this noble initiative.

This is not the first time the 60-year-old philanthropist has dipped into his piggy bank to bankroll the industry’s future. Gates has invested in several renewable energy technologies like solar chemical power, high-altitude wind farms and TerraPower.

Details of the new investment and partnership have yet to be fully disclosed, but the project will mark the largest financial effort yet in the fight against climate change.

“Digital technology has revolutionized the way people live,” Gates wrote. “We can create a zero-carbon future too, if we commit to it.”