Apple has always attempted to be state-of-the-art, whether its computers, audio devices or cellphones. But this time the Cupertino-based giant looks to be going for gold. And when we say gold, we mean it literally… the Apple Watch Edition reportedly comes loaded with 18-karat gold.

Due to the value of the precious metals in the hotly-anticipated smartwatch, Apple will require additional security for its safety. And the way it’s being done, Apple stores will soon be no different to banks. According to 9to5Mac, these gold Apple Watches will be stored in safes overnight (including demo units too). According to Tech Crunch, Apple Stores will follow ‘jewelry store’ practices.

Customers will be able to try on the watches and “test out different band styles inside of stores.” The sales process is also expected to be different for the regular stainless steel and aluminum models. There will be weight scales used to measure the gold before its sold to customers, and also to measure when they come-in for returns. This is to make sure that the gold is the same weight as it was before the watch was sold.

It’s obvious these gold editions will be priced a lot higher than the aluminum and glass Apple Sport that are starting at $349. The (gold) Apple Watch Edition could reportedly reach the ‘thousands’ range…

Talk about more ‘bling’ for your buck!