iPhone 6: Check. iPhone 6 Plus: Check. iPhone 6S: Check. So, what’s left?

Prior to the debut of Apple’s hotly-anticipated iPhone 7, slated for release sometime later this year, Chinese site MyDrivers has attained details for what could very well be the new iPhone 7C. Dubbed the fastest iPhone yet, specs for the new set include an Apple A9 chipset, 2GB RAM, and a 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixel display.

It has been reported the iPhone 7 will likely feature an Apple A10 chipset and more RAM, which makes it more likely the leaked specs are for the first iteration in the ‘7’ line-up. It has been reported the 7C will be available in three color options, the same as with the iPhone 5S, but compared to the latter it will boast a smaller 4-inch display requiring less power, and have a superior battery life.

MyDrivers, which has a pretty solid record when it comes to reporting iPhone news early, states the phone will have the same ‘2.5D’ curved glass as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and will be priced in the region of Rs. 60,000.