‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has arrived on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and has built on the success it had on the last-gen consoles. It is one game that keeps you coming back for more. There are multiple endings and when the story finishes, there is always more fun to be had online.

Rockstar is soon to release the hotly-anticipated GTA V Online Heists DLC.  According to Express, latest information on the DLC includes possible missions in the North Yankton area that players were thrown into during the prologue of the story mode. Since these heists will be online jobs, they will offer additional challenges of avalanches and tsunamis.

For those who want to experience the thrill of the natural disasters, they would need to own a PS4 or Xbox One console. Considering how cool it would be to survive avalanches or tsunamis, one cant help but wonder if this was not included in the story mode. Franklin, Michael and Trevor going crazy in a total shitstorm would have been insanely fun to play.

Reality Today reports that new locations like the ‘Bahama Mama’ nightclub will be available during freeroam. This will be added to the game once the DLC is available. Another exciting feature will be of “a certain building in a Heist mission is set on fire and has a blazing effect.”

Seeing this in gorgeous 1080p HD on current-gen consoles will certainly leave us breathless. All this updated information is making us want to play the DLC more and more. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for it to be released. Come on Rockstar, don’t keep us waiting!