Pakistanis are marching ahead with full speed in the field of technology and entrepreneurship with more ambitious students and graduates joining the business world every year. The aim of Pakistan’s entrepreneurs is to portray the country in a positive light, rising with talent, ideas and above all, smart execution.

Here are out top 5 picks for the best upcoming start-ups from Pakistan.

1. EATOYE: It’s a food delivery service operating in 8 cities of Pakistan. It has currently over 700 restaurants in its directory of providers. Major chains such as KFC, Dominos and Pizza Hut are also included.


It’s free for users and generates revenue by charging a transaction fee from eating establishments for each delivery. Orders can also be placed by phone and confirmations are sent via SMS. Payment for the order is made upon delivery.

2. EYEDEUS:  With their app in almost 16 economies and selling well, Eyedeus is THE startup to watch out for. They have been getting international attention as the company works on a unique idea: using tech to change the way people interact with their smartphones.


With Groopic, you take two pictures – alternating between two people holding the camera. The app seamlessly integrates the two different pics into one picture showing all the group participants. Eyedeus Labs, the company behind Groopic, is a specialist in developing computer vision technologies for smartphones.

3. HealthFirst: Established in 2014, Health First is a health-oriented food distributor based in Karachi that aims for a healthier Pakistan by providing food of the freshest and purest ingredients with the highest degree of attention given to quality. HealthFirst seeks out the finest natural-and-organic foods available, maintains the strictest quality standards in the industry, and has an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture.


In a joint venture with Lahore-based SKFarms, HealthFirst is challenging the traditional way of commercial poultry farming and has swooped in with one philosophy, “food that is simple, natural, affordable and delicious”.

4. is exactly what its name suggests: it’s your one-stop go to website to find out the latest happenings in your city. The best part is the web address: it is catchy and very easy to remember.

8 stands out because it offers a solution to users: free reminders and news and about the events in their respective cities. It primarily targets the youth but there’s no reason why anybody can’t gain useful information from the site.

5. CONVO: A multi-platform social network enterprise app, Convo offers teams the ability to work in a media-rich virtual environment. It’s a bit like Facebook but apparently much more productive. It was started in 2005 in Islamabad as ‘Scrybe’ and was later renamed Convo. A five-member team worked out of a small room to make a global impact on the way collaborative software was perceived.


The company recently received a $5 million investment from a top tier venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Currently, Convo’s market position cannot be determined as financial data remains undisclosed. However, the firm claims to have a customer base of 6,000 in over 150 countries and a usage footprint of around 10% of Fortune 500 companies.