A laptop is the Sherlock of our generation and as our savior, it needs no disturbance to its ‘highly-functioning’ nature. In order to ensure a longer life for your device, follow the four simple tips below:

Do Not Overcharge Your Battery
It’s not a myth. Overcharging impairs the circuit which protects your battery and heats up the system. Ideally, 50-60% is the most suitable charging limit for all lithium batteries.

Keep Your Cool With a Laptop Cooling Pad
In a city as unforgivably hot as Karachi, you don’t want your already heating laptop to get any hotter. Heat directly affects the chips over time and specially ruins laptops with AMD processors. To ensure you get the optimum performance from your device invest in a good quality cooling pad which shouldn’t cost more than Rs. 1,600.

Clean the Keyboard Regularly
If you can visually see the dirt, it’s time you get up off your lazy ass. Start with a dry, microfiber cloth – for which any optometrist can sort you out. Move it in circular motions. Be soft, but apply slight pressure on particularly mulish spots. Needless to say, it’s essential to not let any insects or liquid residue get inside the system.

Third-Party Chargers Are Death
Chargers that are not manufactured by the original company do not pass through the quality measures which they should. An original laptop battery charger ensures the consistency of electricity supply, thus prolonging a laptop’s life.