One of the finest and possibly most popular games on the planet, Counter Strike 1.6 is an addiction. In offices around the world to dingy PC labs in schools and universities everywhere, the game is an institution. Developed more than a decade ago, the obsession with Counter Strike 1.6 still looms large, especially with the people of Pakistan. Just what is it about this first-person shooter that makes it the best game ever?

  1. Its Ability to Convert non-gamers

The difference between a boy and a man, is Counter Strike! And for non-gamers, this game is the perfect calling. Easy to learn and fun to play it’s the perfect blend of strategy, action and violence. Other games may have swag, but Counter Strike’s got class.

2. No School Like the Old School

Though there are more advanced editions of the game, Counter Strike 1.6 is irreplaceable. There have been countless improvements to gameplay, maps and features in later editions, yet CS 1.6 lies at the heart of every hard drive. Looking for that little midweek boost at the office? CS has got you covered.

3. It’s an Exercise in Team Building

Like ludo and charades, Counter Strike is an exercise in team building… For a group activity, there are very few other options that enhance your coordination and communication skills better than CS. It teaches you to have control over your emotions and how to best react under pressure. It is a game that brings together people from all stratas of society and all walks of life and for that reason, Counter Strike is the best.