Many of today’s best products are built to encourage a simple, user-friendly experience. The Taiwanese company ZENLET has created a wallet that features this type of design, but makes it easier to access and protect your belongings in numerous ways. The product has attracted nearly 4000 backers on the crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter (which allows regular people to fund up-and-coming projects) making it an instant success.

The ZENLET design is thin and lightweight so that consumers can avoid feeling uncomfortable by the size of the wallet in their pocket. It also features a non-compartmental design, which essentially means that there aren’t many pockets that people have to dig through to find what they’re looking for. Instead, the ZENLET slides open in a way that makes the top half of each card, bill or object easy to identify and take out. The product is 10mm thick, has a sealed design (so that cards won’t fall out) and comes with an RIFD blocking card. The blocking card protects credit and debit cards from being electronically ‘hacked’ and used by thieves.

The wallet comes in seven different colors and can hold up to seven cards, along with bills, coins and other objects. ZENLET carried out numerous experiments to test the durability of the wallet, and the product survived being run over by a bicycle, dropped from a 10-meter height and dunked into a tank of water. The product improves user-experience with a simple, elegant design that promotes accessibility and ensures the protection of the user’s personal belongings.

The wallet is available for pre-order on ZENLET’s Kickstarter page for a price of $29 dollars in black or white and with an RIFD blocking card, or in any other color for $35 dollars with RIFD protection.