It’s a sailing vessel that could more appropriately be called a floating city. The ‘Harmony of the Seas‘, at 362-meters long, is bigger than the Eiffel Tower, and has a capacity for transporting 6360 passengers, in luxurious comfort, across the seas.

Thousands of well-wishers crowded the harbour on Sunday at the French town of Saint-Nazaire, to bid ‘au revoir’ to the world’s largest cruise ship, built at a cost of a billion dollars, as it embarked on its first journey to the UK. The gigantic hull of the ship dwarfed everything around it, creating an aura of sheer majesty.

The 16-deck ‘Harmony’, built in a French shipyard, has all the features you could think of in a luxury sailing vessel – 2,500 staterooms, 20 dining venues, cinemas, gymnasiums, 23 swimming pools and, if you feel like taking a stroll, a park complete with 50 trees and 10,000 plants. For thrill-seekers, it even has a ten-storey slide on board.

The ship will set anchor at the English city of Southampton on Tuesday, where it will stay docked before leaving on May 22 for another first voyage, this time to Barcelona.

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