Men have had a hairy history. From oiled-up 1920s to blown-out 1950s and the hyper-gelled 1980s, we’ve always been defined by our hair… And this someone has done an amazing job putting it all together!

The latest episode of the popular series “100 Years of Beauty” summarizes how men have evolved through dramatic changes in hairstyles and facial hair. Views for the episode are exploding, and why wouldn’t they? It’s Mo-freakin-vember!

With a team of highly-competent stylists, model Samuel Orson transforms himself into the ‘ideal man’ for every decade of the video timeline. From the handlebar mustache of 1910 to the ubiquitous man bun trend of 2010s, from the Golden Age of Hollywood to the ’80s New Wave, no stone was left unturned in creating this masterpiece.

So the next time some self-assured misandrist whines about how we “guys are so lucky, we don’t have to do anything to look good,” just refer them to this page!