Associations between cars and watches are nothing new: every new Bentley is equipped with a Breitling clock, IWC Ingenieur designed a limited edition timepiece for the Mercedes-Benz CLS55, and Mercedes SLR owners can purchase the aptly named SLR from Tag Heuer. But now it seems British luxury sportscar manufacturer Aston Martin has come up with perhaps the ultimate technological accessory.

I’m talking about the revolutionary Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX 2 DBS transponder timepiece which, with just the push of a button, will allow the wearer to unlock his Aston Martin before a crowd of amazed bystanders.

The exclusive $45,000 timepiece “unleashes” the DBS resulting in the closest bond of high-tech engineering and the most innovative horological expertise to date, allowing the driver/wearer to interact like never before. The watch was developed as the ultimate expression of the union between Aston Martin and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Designed as the ultimate driving machine, the Aston Martin DBS bridges the gap between road and track. With a 6 liter, V12 engine it promises the very latest in performance technology. A combination of elegant design, innovative manufacturing processes, race-derived components and hand-built expertise make the DBS a luxury sportscar without equal.

Following the design of an Aston Martin with its unmistakable flowing curves, complex surfaces and a sculptural beauty; the DBS is every inch a classic that incorporates a hand-finished grille and carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The aerodynamic excellence of the bodywork is unblemished by superfluous spoilers or wings, allowing the lines to run cleanly from bonnet to boot.

The latest creation in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s collection required a high level of collaboration between the watchmakers and Aston Martin’s technical team. This concept builds on the successful innovation of the vertical trigger chronograph already present in the AMVOX2 line of timepieces, and takes a groundbreaking step as the first mechanical watch to control the locking mechanism in a luxury car.

Only available to DBS owners, the timepiece is able to lock and unlock the car based on pressure on the sapphire crystal and a miniaturized open/close circuit re-engineered specifically to fit a wristwatch. The 18-carat pink gold Transponder is only available through Aston Martin dealers.