Karl Lagerfeld, the Creative Director behind the world’s most sought-after fashion brand Chanel, couldn’t have found a more hip and unique way to pay homage to his label’s legacy. The eccentric designer, who is known for maintaining Chanel’s signature aesthetics in all his contemporary designs, recently directed a short film featuring face of the brand Cara Delevingne and rap sensation Pharrell Williams.

Titled ‘Reincarnation’, the short film’s teaser has created a lot of hype among music fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. It is particularly exciting for British model Cara, who has always expressed her desire to sing and was reportedly already in talks with Pharrell for a musical collaboration before they came together for the film.

“I was so happy, I think I screamed down the phone at him,” she said as reported by the Mirror. Both stars have been captured waltzing together wearing ornate and regal costumes in the teaser with a duet sung by them called ‘CC The World’, playing in the background.

The full footage of the film, which is all set to be released on December 2 before the commencement of the Paris – Salzburg 2014/15 Métier’s d’arts collection in Austria, will give fans an insight into how the concept of Chanel’s iconic jacket was conceived by Coco Chanel on her to trip to Salzburg in 1954. The inspirational fashion stalwart has been played by Geraldine Chaplin, who played the same role in Lagerfeld’s previous short film ‘The Return’.

The film’s concept is based around a dream sequence as a result of being struck by a peculiar jacket worn by the elevator boy of the hotel she stayed in. Coco transcends into the royal world of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and his wife, the beloved Empress Elisabeth ‘Sisi’ of Austria (played by Pharrell and Cara) as they romantically waltz around the room. The classic jacket that is thought to have caused ‘a revolution’ in the world of fashion has since been re-invented by Lagerfeld.

Just like his contemporary design sense, Lagerfeld has infused a touch of modernity by choosing modern-day stars such as Delevingne and Williams to represent the brand. “There’s a touch of Pop Art in it. It’s not meant to be a historical reconstruction or something heavy like that. This is light and funny.” Lagerfeld told WWD.