Named after a gemstone, the latest collaboration between Van Geest Designs and Oceanco is a vessel that will be flaunting its beauty ‘like a peacock’ on the open waters.

Equipped with 600 flashing lights on its exterior, the yacht will literally be a shining beacon in the sea thanks to an array of stunning visual effects.

The beauty of this sea vessel is that it’s never going to appear the same. The 600 LED triangles, 300 on each side of the vessel’s 90m hull, ‘represent flexibility in design and appearance’. The owner can choose from ‘limitless possibilities to create patterns and images’ on the exterior, all controlled by an app on board.

And it’s not just the lights that create the stunning visual effects. The Moonstone is fitted with backlit surfaces connected to fish-eye cameras, which can reflect the changing hues of the sky or capture the colors of the sunset.

Nature is the inspiration behind the Moonstone, as the goal of the designers was to create a vessel that ‘can belong in, and enhance the environment’. The lights on the ship are environment-friendly and self-sufficient, linked to solar panels. After taking in a full day’s sunlight they can illuminate the yacht for up to three hours.

Besides the lights, the Moonstone comes fully equipped with all the conveniences of any modern superyacht – a helipad, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and cinema.

Moonstone will take another three years to be ready for launch in the waters, but if you don’t want to wait, the LED light display can be ordered and added to your yacht right away — provided you own one, of course!

Image credits: Oceanco/Van Geest Design