Fans of the hit 80s show ‘Knight Rider’ will be pleased with Casio’s latest model. They can now finally get their hands on a digital wristwatch that looks like it jumped straight out of the classic TV show.

Though the show that made David Hasselhoff a superstar may not return to television the watch will definitely take you back in time. Hasselhoff, who played lone crusader Michael Knight, would communicate with his fully-automated car KITT, using a digital wristwatch called the ‘Com-Link’.

Casio seems to have released an unofficial homage to the com-link in the form of the OmniSync STB 1000. The watch infuses the best of 80s style with today’s modern technology. And though this ‘retrotastic’ piece will not sync with your car, it’ll most definitely sync with your smartphone.

At a time when tech giants Google, Motorola, Samsung and Apple are all experimenting with different forms of wearable technology, Casio went back in time in their search for inspiration. The Japanese juggernaut has been in the watch-making business for over 40 years.

Style-wise, the watch resembles classic Casio digital wristwatches that were hugely popular in the 80s and 90s. Bluetooth connectivity to iPhones is also an included feature. Whenever you receive a call or text the LCD screen displays the information. The watch also acts as a remote control and can be accessed via the ‘Casio app’ available on iOS, as well as buttons placed on the side.

Very reasonably priced at just $80, the OmniSync STB 1000 is perhaps the cheapest product available today in the wearable technology sphere.