Guys we all know how difficult waking up can be, especially if you’ve been going hard at it the night before. Although most men have developed their own early morning rituals; be it a smoke on the pot, a quick wake-me-up workout, or brewing a fresh pot to get you going, a trip to the mirror is usually high-up on the list.

As you inspect your muzzy face in the mirror, you notice a slight stubble that must be quelled before your 10am. This sets your dreary mind into a spin of thoughts; must look sharp, gotta be on point, can’t be late either… Merely juggling all these thoughts cuts into ones precious early morning me-time.

Worry not warriors of dawn, countless souls have fallen while fighting this eternal battle… but it is the Pacific Shaving Company that has led the conquest with their Caffeinated shaving cream & aftershave.

This outstanding grooming product utilizes the many benefits of caffeine to help liven up your morning routine. The formula is fortified with antioxidant-rich, naturally derived caffeine as well as aloe and spearmint. It will give you an exceptional shave, help reduce the appearance of redness, and keep your skin looking fresh and clean all day long.

Caffeine is an effective vasoconstrictor; it helps reduce aftershave redness… that embarrassing razor rash that depicts a newbie shaver. Caffeine is already being widely used in many women’s cosmetics from eye creams and anti-aging lotions to concealers and moisturizers. It just hadn’t found its way into the shaving world… until now!

This revolutionary men’s gel will give your lethargic mornings that extra kick you need to get you into gear for the long day ahead. You can grab the shaving cream and aftershave moisturizer kit online at a bargain price of just Rs. 2000.