The Chinese telecommunications giant has finally unveiled their newest wearable project called the B2. Considering their absence from many Western markets, Huawei has finally made a bold appearance with their latest innovative venture. Replacing last year’s Talkband B1 which let’s be honest was a little bit rubbish, the B2 promises greater functionality, better accuracy and a more pleasing design.

The B2, a second-generation device is a unique entry into the world of health-oriented wearables. The hardware includes both a wrist band and a Bluetooth headset. Huawei says that they are targeting, “on-the-run business executives who are athletically active.”


The B2 has sensors to aid in tracking your physical activities paired with a proprietary app. One can simply read the data on your phone and use the B2 to locate your Android or Apple device. The screen supports touch, and users can scroll through various functions that measure sleep, steps and calories. A built-in gyroscope will help you determine automatically when you are running, walking, or cycling.


Yet, the most important feature of the B2 that makes it really stand out in such a competitive market has to be its Bluetooth functionality. As soon as you receive a phone call, press the two buttons on the side and it’ll pop out a strap revealing a Bluetooth ear-piece at the base of the device. You can just pop the B2 in your ear, take the call and simply return the device to its strap once you are done. It’s a novel idea but you might look a little stupid wearing an empty band on your wrist… even if it is just temporary.


Its official unveiling was at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona. The device is set to cost almost double its predecessor the B1, at just under $300. The Huawei Talkband B2 is a unique device with a compelling party trick, it looks good and has good functionality.