Who says contemporary architecture and food can’t go hand in hand? An ultra-modern technological facility called the ‘Cybertecture Egg’, inspired by the shape of an egg is an upcoming architectural project currently scheduled for construction in Mumbai, India.

Designed by James Law Cybertecture International, who have offices in Hong Kong, India and the UAE; the boutique design firm is known for integrating technology and innovative engineering into urban architecture. Commissioned by Vijay Associates the facility has various unique features like a customizable virtual scenic view that can be changed on the workers’ disposition.

Featured with a passive solar design, the ‘Cybertecture Egg’ has been conceptualized as an energy-saver. It also features an elevated garden to cool the building through a process called thermolysis. Photovoltaic panels and wind turbines line the infrastructure to recycle water that can later be used for landscaping.

The modern-day skyscraper boasts an unusual shape and structure, efficiently constructed to forgo bulging components that crowd the interior like huge columns and low ceilings.

Equipped with the latest technology that automatically monitors your workers’ vital signs, blood pressure and other such statistics, to inform doctors in case of an emergency, the 32,000 square meter structure is without a doubt one of the most remarkable architectural structures on the Indian subcontinent.