French designer Harold Sangouard, AKA Harow has created something truly very special… His gothic-inspired ‘Skull Armchair’ is a piece worthy of the Joker himself… I mean, why should Batman have all the cool toys?

Dubbed “the coolest armchair ever-designed” by design critics the world over, this exquisite piece of furniture seems to be Harow’s way of telling the world – “Hello People, I’ve arrived!”

The single-seater fit for a King is a geometric, stylized take on the human skull with a glossy black resin exterior and plush foam cushion covered in luxurious black velvet. The entire structure is based on a steel frame. Measuring 48 inches long, 40 inches wide and 40 inches high, the back of the chair resembles the front of a skull while the backside serves as a perfectly-comfortable armchair.

The limited edition piece seems to have taken the design world by storm with rumors of it already said to be sold-out. Available in your choice of black or gold, the Skull Armchair is only available for purchase through Harow’s official website. But with an unlisted price tag… We’re not sure we even want to ask how much it’s going for!