“Time is intriguing. Time is contemporary. Time is simple. ANICORN is time.”

Hong Kong-based design house ANICORN is another Kickstarter success story. It started with a simple idea, to combine DESIGN + TYPEFACE + MECHANISM on a timepiece. After nearly two years building a business based around sourcing reclaimed watches and developing a concentric disc system, the boutique firm decided it was time to design their own watch and boy, what a damn fine job they did.

Instead of a traditional dial with hands, the ANICORN 000 timepiece uses a series of concentric disks to display the time. It’s powered by a Miyota automatic movement that keeps the inner minutes and seconds discs in sync with the outer hours ring. The watche’s uncluttered and straight-forward design is heavily inspired by the simplicity of its functionality.

Priced at around Rs. 40,000, the company will ship the watch to you anywhere in the world. It comes housed in a stainless steel case and is available in your choice of six different accent colors.

Image credit: selectism.com