The laws of attraction are a funny thing… Just like men, women too have their own wish-list of what they look for in ‘the ideal man’. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions, of course, but for the most part certain traits are a must-have for today’s modern woman. The top 5 of which, include:

  1. A Deep Voice
    Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Irrfan Khan – at one point or another each of these sex idols has held the title of ‘World’s Most Eligible Bachelor’ and do you want to know why? Because women LOVE THEM! And a deep voice is a big part of the reason why…

2. Good Stubble
This one raises the age-old question: how much is too much? Justin Bieber – not quite enough. Leo in ‘The Revenant’ and you’ve gone too far. When it comes to stubble the term 5 o’clock after-shadow should bring to mind what most women would consider a good length.

3. The Perfect Jawline
Ali Zafar; Fawad Khan; Saif Ali Khan — If there’s one thing these desi demigods have in common, it’s a good jawline. In this context good is defined as: long and with a strong presence. Ask any girl about her 10-point checklist and you’ll find there’s always a box for a good jawline.

4. Not Smiling
Though men actually prefer a woman who smiles, for most women the opposite is true. A study at the University of British Columbia found that women were less attracted to happy, smiling men as compared to non-smilers — no jokes!

5. Broad Shoulders
The broader the better. While most men prefer a petite waist-to-hip ratio, studies show most women prefer a broad shoulder-to-hip ratio. If you’re thinking along the lines of Chris Hemsworth in ‘Thor’ or Daniel Craig in ‘Casino Royale’ then you’re on the right track…