Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means — It’s time for spring cleaning! Now, besides your car, house/apartment your skin also deserves some tidying up in order to be ready for the most beautiful season of them all. Your skin has been through a lot: it has been whipped by the cold winds of winter and dried out by the harsh weather and indoor heating. Luckily, winter is over and now you have the chance to start fresh. Your knees and elbows are probably dry, rough and scaly, while your face and the rest of your body are undernourished. Here’s how you can heal your skin of the post-winter blues:

Just in case you were wondering, cleansing is just a fancy expression for face washing. And as your mother taught you, it should be done when you get up in the morning and before you get to bed in the evening. Dirt is a sneaky companion, and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean its not there. Your skin is exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke and car fumes on a daily basis and they leave their mark. If you want to step up your skincare game, then you should use real cleanser, instead of a regular soap bar. Because men usually have slightly oiler skin than women, you should choose a cleanser which targets normal and oily skin.

This sounds like something your girlfriend does when she occupies the bathroom. Believe it or not, exfoliating isn’t exclusively a girl-thing. This practice addresses the dead skin cell problem, and that’s not a matter of gender. Think of scrubbing as removing the top layer of wood with sandpaper. Since your skin has been through a lot during winter, it’s necessary for you to peel off the dead skin layer and make room for fresh new cells which will absorb all the products you later apply. Make sure, though, that you avoid harsh exfoliators and opt for organic face scrubs instead.

If there’s anything your skin has lost during the winter months, it is its natural moisture. Men should take care of this particular step in the pre-spring routine more so than women. By shaving your face, you’re not only removing the hair, but also the necessary oils from your skin. If you’re using alcohol-based aftershave, you’re worsening the situation. Choose a quality moisturizer (with SPF) and replenish your skin moisture at least twice a day. Furthermore, you should use some body milk or cream to hydrate your body.

A facial steam is the easiest way to ease skin into spring and summer. It can solve various skin problems, annoying acne being one of them. Similar to exfoliation, but gentler, this process helps you get rid of dead skin cells. Additionally, it removes bacteria, dirt and other trapped matter that can lead to breakouts. Steaming unclogs the pores and allows your skin to absorb all the products which are used after it. The warm humidity from steaming can also stimulate blood circulation and increase perspiration.

Treat the Sensitive Areas
Some areas of your skin are particularly sensitive to harsh weather and outside pollutants. The damaging effect will appear on them first. These are usually the hands, the area around the eyes, and lips. Your hands can be easily treated with moisturizing hand cream. The skin around your eyes is highly susceptible to dehydration, so you should pick up a hydrating eye cream and apply it every morning and evening right after cleansing. When exposed to wind and cold, your lips tend to change color and become dry. Make sure you use a lip balm with SPF.