The myth that a beauty regimen is only for the ladies is totally outdated! In today’s competitive world, image is everything, and the sooner you get started on improving it, the better.

Moisturizing is essential for all skin types, forget about gender. Be it outdoors in the sun or sitting in air-conditioned offices all day, the skin is constantly losing moisture and elasticity, that needs to be replenished. Keep it looking fresh and hydrated with an after-shower moisturizing lotion, anything containing collagen-elastin or aloe vera will be the most effective. The Body Shop will provide you with the best option for your skin type. Damp skin absorbs moisture best, so right after the shower is the best time to apply. Don’t forget your hands as well as the face, especially if there are a lot of handshakes to be done at the office (and hand-holding with the girlfriend after).

Do not shave first thing in the morning. Skin is a little puffy right after you wake up. Give it a wake-up call with a gentle warm water splash and wait for 15 minutes before picking up that shaver or razor. Leaving the shaving cream on for a couple of minutes makes the skin softer and reduces chances of razor-burn, nicks and cuts.

Your scalp is what nourishes your hair. Dandruff flakes on your suit jacket ruin your image. Conditioning your scalp with oil before a shower will leave your hair in perfect shape. Over-shampooing can also cause dandruff, so watch and workout a hair-care routine that works best for you.

Invest in a tongue-scraper. You’ll be surprised (and disgusted) at all the extra gunk that accumulates on your tongue, especially if you’re eating cheese-topped food and that universal offender — garlic. Rinse your mouth with warm water and gently remove all the debris that may be causing bad breath.

Don’t skip the lip balm. Those white dry patches outlining your mouth, chapped and cracked lips in winter, are an ugly sight. Carry a chapstick in your pocket and apply regularly. Before setting out in the morning and at night, treat your lips to a light massage with what all beauty experts rate as the cheapest and best cosmetic in the market — Vaseline.