Software house Evado Filip has introduced a new and innovative communications and tracking device / watch at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Scheduled for release later this year the VivoPlay, as it is called, aims to be the world’s smallest publicly accessible location device.

Inspired by the incident of CEO Sten Kirkbaks’ (temporarily) missing child, Evado Filip went into development of the VivoPlay to prevent “a parent’s worst nightmare.” Other than telling time and sounding alarms like all watches, this particular gadget also enables communication. Considering it’s impractical to give a 4-year-old a cellphone the VivoPlay offers a great alternative.

Using GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi the device can send information on the whereabouts of the wearer at all times. It allows parents to set-up safety zones so they will be notified on their iPhone, iPad or Android if their child leaves certain designated areas. Parents also have to option to send short text messages straight to the VivoPlay and the device even enables calling for up to five fixed phone numbers for emergency purposes. Connected to a PC, Smartphone or tablet the VivoPlay can also act as a baby monitor.

Water-resistant, flexible and stylish it can be worn anywhere, and comes in a range of different colors and shades so as to appeal to young wearers.