One of the most coveted parts of a woman’s wardrobe, jewelry has long been used to make women feel special on different occasions in their lives. One such fine piece of jewelry is Cartier’s ‘Love Bracelet’ that can make women feel special but slightly offended at the same time. The unique Cartier design that celebrated its 45th birthday was designed by Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo, who is rumored to have taken the bracelet’s inspiration from men who used to lock up their wives to ensure their fidelity while they were away fighting on the battlefields during the medieval era, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Evidently, its design resembles a hand cuff consisting of two C-shaped halves which are secured using two screws that can only be taken off using a screwdriver (which comes with the bracelet). However, that hasn’t stopped millions of women worldwide from purchasing this lovely piece of bling, many of whom include Hollywood celebrities Katie Holmes, Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan. The cost of this popular yet incredibly chic bracelet varies from 5 lakh PKR to 50 lakh PKR depending upon the design.

Currently, Cartier is offering 16 lockable bracelets on its website featuring multiple designs in yellow, pink or white gold. Many designs also feature yellow and pink sapphires, garnets and amethysts. While women all over the world go gaga over this intricately designed trinket, we can’t stop thinking if love is all that it signifies with its unique design?