Ever felt like playing golf on the beach? You would be worried that when you try to hit a hole in one, the ball could go into the water and game over. However, Dubai is set to change the way you golf. According to Arabian Business, “Sofitel The Palm Dubai has launched a new golf experience for guests, which uses the water surrounding the property instead of a conventional grass field.”

How can this be achieved? Basically, the balls will not be your regular white golf balls but ‘Ecobio’ golf balls that are biodegradable and are not harmful to plants or marine life. According to Hotelier Middle East, these Applus+ certified balls consist of fish food and when they hit the waves, they simply release the food.

Sofitel The Palms recreation manager Eugene Swart was quoted in Arabian Business saying, “The ocean is the perfect expanse in which to drive golf balls, and supports our living values of environmental sustainability through Ecobioballs. So while you’re enjoying a challenging game of golf, you are also providing food for our local marine life. Even if you’re not a golfer or the next US Masters champion, you can still enjoy a fun game of golf by the beach.”

If you want a taste of a different golf experience, you would have to shell out between $16 for three balls or $177 for every 100 balls. Then again, golf on the sea doesn’t get any better than this…