The Apple Watch is set to launch on April 24th and is hoping to be the coolest smart-watch ever. According to Business Insider, this wearable computer will cost you as low as $349 but the real looker is the $17000 Watch Edition. It comes in two flavors: 18-karat yellow gold and 18-karat rose gold.

Both gold editions are 38 mm each but sport different colored buckles. The yellow gold version comes with a bright red strap while the rose gold one is fitted with a rose gray strap.

According to BBC, the watch takes around 2.5 hours for a complete charge with larger models having more juice. A Power Reserve feature would show the battery time for ‘up to 72 hours’ even when all its functions are powered off. Apple boasts an all-day battery life for a good 18 hours.

Thousands of apps are already ready for download prior to launch date. Some of the featured apps include the popular Facebook and Instagram, Uber taxi service and Chinese messaging software WeChat.

The watch can come in handy in various situations such as when you want to unlock a hotel room without a key card. One can check song names via Shazam and also open garage doors if they are connected to the internet.

Smartwatches are a new fad and whether they become popular is anyone’s guess. Apple is playing its part to offer the most innovative and sexy smartwatch for our wrists. No longer are watches just fancy wrist accessories to tell us time. The Apple Watch looks to follow the success of the iPad and iPhone and we will see how that pans out on April 24th.