Like fine wine, maturing can add more charm to your personality. As long as you don’t look like you’re desperately hanging on to your teens, you can embrace the ageing process with elan and appear at your best.

Skincare becomes more important with age. As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity and becomes drier. Retinoids in a good face wash will help to slough off dead cells and give you a more vibrant tone. Moisturizing isn’t only for the ladies. Products containing collagen restore the elasticity in skin, and are essential for maintaining healthy looks. Exposure to sun is the main culprit in skin damage. Work in sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out, and don’t forget the lip balm.

Well-groomed hair gets noticed at once. The mop-top hairstyle you sported in your twenties will just look plain silly once you cross thirty, so let it go. The same goes for the pony-tail, made from thinning, greying hair at forty, it makes you look old like nothing else. A closer crop looks good as hair grows thinner. If you’re using dye, use a shade close to your natural hair color. Also, do trim the crazy eyebrows, ear hair and drooping mustache. They all spell OLD.

Stick with healthy habits. Hydration is primary, so make sure you drink eight glasses of water every day. Change your eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables and cut down on the carbs to maintain a trim figure. Regular exercise not only keeps the pounds from piling on, it builds muscle tone.

Bright smiles make you look and feel younger. The little gaps between teeth widen as we grow older. If you can’t brush after every meal, at least be sure to rinse your mouth to get rid of food particles that cause decay. You can up the wattage of your smile with a whitening toothpaste. Make sure to get a dentist’s help for cavities, stained or damaged teeth.

Dress the part of a polished man. Stock your wardrobe with quality pieces like a good suit, dark-wash classic jeans, a leather jacket. Add on trendy items but don’t hang on to them after everyone else has moved on. Tone down the bling accessories, they’ll definitely make you look older. Remember, you’re with it, not past it. Wear your years with confidence and you’ll find the image in the mirror quite dashing.