There’s heaps of things you can buy from a vending machine, but an actual CAR isn’t among them… That is, until now.

Carvana, an online auto retailer, set-up a massive vending machine in Nashville, USA that dispenses full-size cars. The vending machine stands at five stories tall and is fully-automated.

“We knew that if (customers) chose to pick up the car we would save some money, and so we could invest that money in giving them a really, really great experience,” Ernie Garcia, Founder & CEO Carvana, told The Verge.

You simply walk up to the building, insert a fake coin and have the car delivered to your footsteps. Afterwards, you have a full week to test drive the car and come to a decision over whether or not to purchase it. Carvana claims the cars on its portal sell for $2,000 cheaper than market value.

Though Nashville is the only city that currently offers this facility, the company hopes to expand across more cities in the US, sometime in the near future.