2020 to 2025 is prophesied to be the era of electric vehicles. In an effort to capitalize on this trend Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo, has announced plans to launch an all-new electric vehicle, as well as a plug-in option for every vehicle it produces going forward.

The manufacturer of the world’s safest car intends to launch the new electric model sometime in the next five years. The hybrid will likely be a high-performance SUV with a rapid charging function. Though Volvo is remaining tight-lipped regarding details of the car’s design, reports suggest it will be similar in shape to the Volvo S60.

The company’s plans to introduce a hybrid version of every model it produces moving forward is a bold move for a brand best-known for its safety innovations. Their hybrid SUV the XC90, features a plug-in component, but otherwise we have yet to see something fully-electric from Volvo.

In spite of this the Swedish giant seems ready to go all in come 2019.