Some of the world’s most populated cities are also a driver’s worst nightmare as hapless motorists try to weave through the busy thoroughfares of these ‘concrete jungles’, where the phrase ‘driving you crazy’ takes on a whole new meaning.

1. Los Angeles, California. With a population crossing 20 million, the number of cars on the roads of this city is just mind-boggling. Negotiating your way through neck-deep traffic on the jam-packed roads can be a real test of nerves. An average of 60 major lockdown traffic jams occur every year.

2. Paris, France. The Arc de Triomphe in the French capital has the reputation of being the most confusing roundabout on Planet Earth. Thirteen entrances, no lines, no markings to give you your bearings – if that’s not enough to make you reluctant to drive in the busy metropolis, the sheer number of cars will overwhelm you. For rental cars hired by tourists, the Arc is a must-visit spot. That’s precisely why the tourism department urges visitors to use the city’s public transport system, which is among the world’s best.

3. Athens, Greece. In this jungle, ‘survival of the fittest’ reigns supreme. There’s no such thing as traffic rules, and be ready to honk and swear till your heart’s content. Road and parking signs are never displayed prominently, so you have to go by instinct. Motorcyclists play their part in adding to the general mayhem by flagrantly flouting any codes of decency and becoming a major cause of accidents.

4. Manila, Philippines. Residents of this capital city complain that traffic and the pollution it causes are the biggest problems for them. Road rules are not enforced, so overtaking, driving in wrong lanes and generally behaving in every which way that pleases you is the norm.

5. New Delhi, India. Licenses being issued without a proper test are the main cause for wayward driving. The increasing number of cars every year, lax traffic rules and a public transport system that is sub-standard, combines to create an environment that is a drivers’ hell. Pollution caused by smoke emissions add to making Delhi’s roads a health hazard.