Nissan’s GT-R first zoomed into the limelight in 2007 with the fastest lap-time ever recorded at Nürburgring, the most difficult and demanding purpose-built racetrack in the world. Today, the Japanese automaker announced the launch of the all-new GT-R ‘Track Edition’ which will join Nissan’s 2014 GT-R line up.

The new and improved four-seater coupe carries suspension modifications, is all-wheel drive and runs on a 3.8 liter V6 engine, packing a loaded 545 hp. It boasts a dual-clutch 6 speed transmission which has three driver modes: Normal, Comfort and R, with the last being ideal for drifting.

Equipped with Nissan navigation providing XM NavTraffic with real-time traffic information and NavWeather capabilities, it promises to facilitate drivers to the utmost. Furthermore, the new edition comes fitted with a Rearview camera to aid with parking, and features an 11-speaker Bose surround sound system that adjusts itself automatically to match your speed. Moreover, the ‘Black’ Edition comes with red and black leather Recaro seats and 20 inch Rays wheels.

Despite the hefty $100,000 price tag Nissan fanatics will need to race for it, as the all new GT-R is set for a limited release with only 150 units said to be available.