The crowd went wild at the Tokyo Motorshow 2015 as Nissan took the sheets off its new autonomous electric vehicle. The Japanese automotive giant introduced the IDS (Intelligent Driving System) Concept which will be the company’s next stop in production.

Nissan also announced that a range of driver-less vehicles can be expected as part of their line-up come 2020.

The IDS is an electric concept car designed with an extremely lightweight carbon-fibre body. Supporting both, piloting and manual driving modes, the electric vehicle has an astonishingly interactive interior. Inward seat rotation, ability to recede steering wheel into the dashboard and imitating the driver’s driving style, the Nissan IDS is designed to be a highly-personalized experience — similar to the one we currently have with our smartphones.

According to Carlos Ghosn, Nissan CEO and the mad genius behind the GT-R, “This technology will first make its way in Japan, followed by China, Europe, and then the U.S.”