Though the automobile industry around the world is fueled by new product launches, listing their latest products as faster, better, and more luxurious, Jaguar have decided to take a U-turn and go back for a stroll down memory lane.

The British car manufacturer announced at the 2016 New York Auto Show that they’ll be bringing back the Jaguar XKSS model, which was, with a 0-60 mph top speed in just over five seconds, the world’s first super car.

The company had started work on 25 XKSS automobiles in 1953-57, but a factory fire destroyed nine of the chassis’ in production. Jaguar then stalled the completion of the vehicles, focusing instead on the 16 that were saved and getting the factory back into production of the mainstream, commercially viable models.

The XKSS Jaguar is a two-seater with a swooping design, a street-legal version of the D-type, three-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. Actor Steve McQueen and stand-up comedian Jay Leno are proud owners of this vintage classic.

Jaguar will now be rolling out the remaining nine cars, to be called ‘continuation XKSS’, with a price tag likely to be in the $1.6 million region. The objective is not only to rebuild a classic car with modern technology, but also to demonstrate the company’s expertise to valued clients who prefer that their vehicles be looked after by the factory itself. For Jaguar, the brand image built on a rich history is as important as innovation in the automobile field.

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