The latest creation by designer John Schwinge may well be the re-invention of the superyacht. The Tetrahedron, which simply takes its name from its geometric shape, may trick you into thinking its some sort of alien spacecraft, but the floating pyramid is merely merging the maritime and aviation worlds.

Schwinge says his craft has a ‘quantum leap’ aspect because it’s a superyacht that looks nothing like one. The main body of the Tetrahedron rests, via a vertical strut, on an underwater hull shaped like a torpedo. This gives it that elevated, eerie look, which from a distance, gives the impression of a ‘flying boat’.

The special hull enables the vessel, when travelling at speed, to be lifted above water on adjustable hydrofoils mounted on its sides. At gentler speeds, the Tetrahedron sits comfortably on three underbelly hulls. From a distance, it’s not clear which direction the vessel is travelling in, adding to its aura of mystery.

The 25-meter-long boat, constructed from carbon fiber and duplex stainless steel, can reach speeds of up to 38 knots (43.7 mph). Its creator promises a smooth ride at sea, with almost no pitch or heave once it has reached takeoff speed and has lifted over the water surface.

The Tetrahedron’s three sides fold down to become spacious, comfortable sun-decks, while horizontal panels emerge overhead to provide shade, so the ambiance is like having your own ‘private island with openable beaches’ floating on the sea.

The highly unconventional, futuristic design of this new superyacht has already captured the imagination and attention of marine enthusiasts. The release date and price have not been announced yet, but queries are already flooding in from potential buyers.