Ladies and gentleman, behold, the most extreme, track-only meanest looking Aston is here. Born out of extensive motorsport experience, the supercar is the British luxury brand’s most intense and exhilarating creation to date.  According to Aston Martin, the ‘Vulcan’, as it’s called, was born out of the company’s accomplishments in the motorsport sector and is a limited production supercar built for, and I quote, “extreme performance”.

Styled in-house by the Aston design team led by Chief Creating Officer Marek Reichman, this beast of a machine is powered by the most potent iteration so far of the company’s naturally-aspirated 7-litre, V12 petrol engine. Therefore, the classic would be producing over 800 bhp and according to Top Gear, the power-to-weight ratio “exceeds those of the GTE cars which compete in the FIA’s World Endurance Championship” — now that’s a big statement!


CEO of Aston Martin, Dr. Andy Palmer was reported saying, “Aston Martin Vulcan is, by its very nature, a rare and thrilling supercar. Designed and engineered to deliver a genuinely bespoke driving experience, I believe the Aston Martin Vulcan – and the unique ownership programme that sits behind it – sets a whole new standard in the ultra-high luxury supercar class.”


So, enough about the company, let’s look more into what we know about the Vulcan. We know that the car features a carbon fibre monocoque, integral limited-slip differential, magnesium torque-tube with carbon fibre propeller shaft and Brimbo racing calipers acting on ceramic racing disc brakes. The engine is located in the front-mid section of the car which sends out a staggering 800bhp the rear wheels.


The interior, Oh, the interior… The £1.8 million supercar shows its moneys-worth when you take a look inside. A full TFT screen ahead of the racing steering wheel, an angled dashboard all covered in carbon fibre, a titanium switch gear, and Alcantara components.


According to Top Gear, only 24 Vulcans will be produced and all lucky owners will be offered the opportunity to improve their driving skills under the tutelage of Aston Martin’s very own Le Mans Racing champion, Darren Turner.


As told by the Head of the design team, the first public debut on track will be at the Le Mans Racing event slated for 24 June, later this year.