Rivalry in the electric car industry is about to get saucier, as British luxury sportscar manufacturer Aston Martin unveiled its 1000bhps electric version of the Rapide.

Developed in collaboration with the Williams Formula One team, RapidE is a four-door electric Aston Martin that boasts more power than its petrol counterpart. The initial model is expected to have a range of around 200 miles and set to be released two years from now.

Designed to compete with the Tesla Model S, the four-door supercar will have a comparatively shorter range, but its four electric motors will help facilitate all-wheel drive handling, torque and speed. It is expected to hit the market at an eye-watering $306,280 given that only 400 units will be produced each year. In addition, Aston is also developing a powerful replacement for its DB9 GT, dubbed the DB11, which will go on sale in 2016.

The RapidE is Aston Martin’s answer to allegations surrounding the company’s average CO2 emissions rate. Last time, they tried to find a middle ground by introducing the Cygnet, a small city car based on a Toyota. But current company CEO Andy Palmer believes that a flagship electric model will prove a better solution.