It’s almost time for the latest edition of the Honda City, one of Pakistan’s most popular vehicles, to be unveiled. With the Civic recently re-designed in 2013, Honda has now turned their attention to the next car in their trendy sedan line-up.

Online reports say the 2015 Honda City may hit showrooms by the end of the year, though that has yet to be officially confirmed. Conflicting reports suggest the release is more likely to be sometime around June 2015. So, we don’t have an actual release date, but what do we know about the hotly-anticipated four-door family saloon?

We know that the 2015 Honda City will boast a new shape and will be priced between Rs. 1.5 – 1.7 million. It is expected the new City will feature the same fuel-friendly 1.3 liter, 4-cylinder engine producing a respectable 100hp.

Unlike Toyota who took a page out of Honda’s book with a tighter and more compact, newly re-designed 2014 Corolla, Honda have decided to stick with the same winning formula they used before. Though, that’s not to say the new edition doesn’t boast some obvious upgrades… A lean look, a more spacious interior, longer lines and sleeker lights make this one fly-ass lookin ride.

We also know the cabin will feature a restyled interior with premium leather, an LCD featuring a rear-mounted camera, and a ‘push start’ (in your fu*king face Ferrari). Optional upgrades will include: a sunroof, smart steering (a steering wheel with all those buttons) and even an HDMI input (possibly to plug in your PlayStation 4).

All we know is… We want one!