Known for her love of eastern musical traditions which she skilfully combines with contemporary beats, singer Zeb Bangash has embarked on a new fusion venture.

Zeb has, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based clarinet maestro Michael Winograd, founded a new band Sandaraa whose objective is to blend the sounds of the Indus Valley Civilization, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. The name of the band comes from a Pushto word, meaning ‘song’.

The band also features leading Brooklyn-based musicians, violinist Eylem Basaldi, guitarist Yoshi Fruchter, bassist David Lizmi, and percussionist Richie Barshay.

The first release by the band is a self-titled CD with five tracks, inspired by legendary musicians of the region, with an infusion of Sandaraa’s distinctive style and rhythm. Each member’s personal history and signature music adds to the diversity and richness of sounds in the album.

The US release of the album will coincide with Sandaraa’s live performances in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC, which will give audiences a first-hand experience of the band’s extraordinary music.