The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has collaborated with leading advertising agency Leo Burnett in Australia for their latest anti-poaching campaign. Previously, Leo Burnett had worked with WWF-Australia on the ‘Earth Hour’ project as well as their ‘Love Your Forests’ initiative using animated commercials titled ‘The Adventures of Harry Ficus’. The current campaign titled ‘Stop One, Stop them All’ tries to explain how poaching and the underground trading of endangered species is criminal and should be stopped!

The simple logic they use suggests that ‘poaching exists because there is a demand for it, if there was no demand poachers would be forced to stop’. WWF aims to create awareness and spread this logic using clever billboards that show how our own people are responsible for the possible extinction of these marvelous vanishing creatures.

The newly-designed posters parade a hierarchical pyramid showcasing each person’s involvement in the sick practice, from poachers at the grassroots level to smugglers responsible for transporting the illegal goods, to the big money clients at the top who acquire them. The pyramids each represent a particular region of the world where the practice is rampant. Examples include tigers being slaughtered with different ‘actors’ posing with cut-off heads and skins, while others posters show hunted sharks for shark-fin soup and rhinos with sawed-off tusks.

According to the WWF, not just tigers and sharks but around 25,000 wild black and white rhinos are in danger of becoming extinct. The ‘STOP’ campaign encourages us to educate our communities, monitor airports, cargo routes and sea-ports. Patrol units with cooperation from law enforcement should be stationed in what they call ‘poaching hotspots’.

In addition to their monetary value, many endangered species are often hunted for their ‘miracle’ healing powers… But the real miracle would be to get poachers to STOP!