Somebody might wanna call Imran Khan… Because shit just got real! If the latest reports are to be believed, a severe freeze has ravaged the hazelnut crop in Turkey, a country that provides 70% of the world’s hazelnuts. Understandably, this has the producers of Nutella (not the mention the rest of the world) on “High Alert”.

As a result of the shortage, the price of hazelnuts is now the highest it has been in ten years. Ferrero, the Italian company that produces the hazelnut-chocolaty goodness, is the world’s biggest buyer of hazelnuts, purchasing 25% of the world’s entire crop.

Outsiders have predicted that either we’ll be on the cusp of a global Nutella shortage, or that prices will skyrocket like you can’t even imagine (it would be nice if the Obama administration got involved seeing as how they like to meddle in everything).

Normally, the industry would expect to harvest a yield of around 800,000 tons but according to Yahoo Finance, the reported yield this time around was a total of just 517,000 tons. And while confectionary giant Ferrero could turn to hazelnut growers in Oregon, the supply there is not nearly enough to make up for Turkey’s shortage. Each 370g jar of the nutty chocolate spread has approximately 50 hazelnuts in it.

So, no more YouTube… No more Humaima Malick… And now, no Nutella… How much more of this can we take?