Oreo recently announced a global partnership with Paramount Pictures for the release of ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’, the fourth installment in the super-successful Transformers franchise. A partnership that extends to more than 35 countries, the hotly-anticipated blockbuster saw unprecedented coverage on both digital and social media as well as the airing of a global TV spot directed by Michael Bay.

Hosted by Continental Biscuits Ltd, the film premiered in Karachi to a packed cinema of Transformers fans and movie buffs alike, who have had to wait three years since the release of the last film. The Sci-fi/Action adventure has already made nearly $600 million dollars at the global box office and ironically (as it happens with many Box Office smashes) has released to terrible reviews.

However, despite what most critics have to say, I must state for the record that I got exactly what I expected from a high-octane 3D blockbuster starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by Michael Bay. While I agree the story, ideas and dialogue were well below par, the action-to-destruction ratio was fabulous. Sure, the movie sees a new lead actor takeover from the supremely-talented and now-somewhat-controversial Shia LaBeouf, but why would anyone expect the fourth installment of a franchise to be any different from the previous three?

As expected, the visual effects in Age of Extinction are very good – at times downright astonishing. The sexy cars, slow-motion explosions and actions scenes are gripping and intense. Bay once again manages to execute such sequences to perfection…

While the highly-acclaimed director fails to make a good film, he does succeed in producing a decent Transformers action flick. The film is just shy of three hours which in the context of the story was stretching it a bit. Yet, I am certain of one thing… There will be many more Transformers films to follow and no matter how weak the plot or how bad the acting, the franchise will continue to be a success at the box office.

Why you ask?

Simply because Transformers fans, hard-core cinema-goers and parents with children will always get what they want from movies of this genre… Time-pass.