The Maldives has been a widely popular tourist destination for years due to its spectacular beaches, rich marine life and crystal clear waters. Seeing this potential, Dutch Docklands, the global leader in ‘floating’ developments, have decided to bring their floating island technology to the summer paradise with the construction of a floating resort called the Ocean Flower.

Named after a famous Maldivian flower, The Ocean Flower is a compound that features 185 villas and its own private island. The resort is being built in the most upscale part of the Maldives, North Male atoll, and is a 20-minute boat ride away from the country’s capital Malé.

Its luxury villas are laid out so that they form the shape of a flower, with a small pool area in the center surrounded by the tranquility of the ocean. The Ocean Flower houses three types of private villas, the Elite Maldivian, the Royal Maldivian and the Imperial Maldivian. The Imperial contains the most features including its own pool, an underwater glass–walled room, a cinema, a gym and a master bedroom under the stars. Every villa also has its own state-of-the-art kitchen, living room, Wi-Fi connectivity and cable TV.

The Ocean Flower is the first phase of a five-part plan to construct waterfront developments in The Maldives called ‘the 5 lagoons’. The plan is being worked on by Dutch Docklands and the Maldivian Government. Due to global climate change, the Maldives islands are at risk of falling below sea level. The Maldivian government has struck a deal with Dutch Docklands to work on developing a floating island for the people of Malé. The entire project is designed to have minimal impact on the environment and to revolutionize the country’s infrastructure.

Paul Van de Camp, CEO of Dutch Docklands said, “We think cities shouldn’t always be looking backwards and creating high-rise buildings. They should also look to the water to see if they could come up with solutions on the water that would give a better shape to the city.”

Villas at the Ocean Flower are available for purchase now, and the remaining stages of development in ‘the 5 lagoons’ project is already underway. When completed, Dutch Docklands aim to have constructed private villas, private submarines, a hotel resort and a floating restaurant.