Even if you’ve lived in Karachi all your life, chances are you’ve never really experienced the spirit of the city up-close.

So if you want to see the city through a different lens, it’s time to board the Super Savari bus.
The brainchild of two born-and-bred Karachiites, Atif bin Arif and Bilal Hassan, the Super Savari Express guarantees your money’s worth in an unforgettable trek across the historic metropolis that started as a tiny fishing village by the name of Kolachi.

Atif, who runs a travel agency, Gulliver’s Travels, says he wanted to do something for the ‘city-by-the-sea’ he grew up in. Around the same time, Bilal Hassan, a photography buff, was uploading and sharing photos of the city on Instagram. Both got together and the Super Savari took off.

They started reconnaissance together and pinpointed spots that could figure on the tour’s itinerary, then sought permission to bring people in. Initially it featured a few spots in downtown Saddar, but over time, the route has expanded and now includes historical, cultural and religious places of interest, as well as markets like the famed Empress Market.

Starting early morning and ending mid afternoon, for Rs. 2500 per person, the tour promises you a glimpse into some of Karachi’s hidden treasures – the Karachi Parsi Institute, Sobhraj Chetumal Terrace, Swami Narayan Temple, Tahiri Mosque, St. Patrick’s Church and that one place every Karachi resident yearns to get a peek into – the Parsi Fire Temple. Wazir Mansion, the Flagstaff House and Frere Hall are the regulars on the menu, as are a super breakfast of parathas, omelette and chai.

In addition to this, there’s also an evening tour, focusing on traditional eateries around the city. The Khana Khazana tour will give you the full flavor of Karachi in one trip.

The Super Savari Express, whose first trip started with 6 people out on a Sunday, now boasts a clientele of thousands. Not content with just introducing the concept in Karachi, they now operate in Lahore and Islamabad too, and hope to expand the network all over the country. If you want to explore Pakistan, there’s no better way.