If there’s one thing singer and stage actress Sara Haider is not, it’s conventional. So when she takes on a role in a film, you can be sure she’s not going to be dancing around trees on hilly slopes.

Haider’s first film, directed by Shahbaz Sumar, is ‘Khaimae Mein Matt Jhankain,’ an intense story about how glamour and superficiality rules our concept of beauty. The film will be screened in India as part of a Zee Zindagi project called Zeal for Unity, which will showcase the work of 12 Pakistani filmmakers.

Sara Haider plays the role of a trapeze artist in the film, which focuses on a sleepy village where everything changes with the visit of a travelling circus. The village in the film is an actual one, as is the circus. To get a true feel of the role, Haider reportedly spent a lot if time with the real-life trapeze lady and her family, who are all part of the circus. Not only is Haider acting in the film, she’ll also be singing the title song ‘Haan Mein Hoon‘. 

Considering the perfectionist Haider is reputed to be, and the hard work she puts into her singing and stage performances, it’s not difficult to predict that her first stint at film acting will no doubt be a memorable one.