Make no mistake about it… Being the best football player in the World takes HARD WORK! And with more than a billion eyes watching your every move on the field, few things are more important than peak physical fitness.

Fortunately for two-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s got that all covered. The Real Madrid forward and Portugal Captain boasts less body fat than his better half, Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

CR7 showed off his extremely ripped torso after scoring a penalty-kick against Atletico Madrid, to secure a Champions League victory for his Spanish club Real. Such a ‘hulked-up’ anatomy requires the sensational Portuguese striker to maintain an intense and disciplined training regime.

According to English site The DailyMail, Ronaldo is in the best shape of his life for this year’s football extravaganza – The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. His thighs have a circumference of 62 inches and he can reportedly out-jump NBA star LeBron James. His highest recorded leap measured two feet seven inches, far better than that of the average basketball player.

And it doesn’t stop there… In weight sessions, the highest-paid footballer in the World reportedly lifts the equivalent of 16 Toyota Prius’. He is capable of a staggering 3000 sit-ups-a-day, while the force of 5G he generates is equivalent to that of an F1 car.

Of course, exercise is futile unless you pair it with a balanced diet and a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, Ronaldo doesn’t compromise on either…  He sleeps eight hours every night and maintains a strict diet high in both proteins and carbohydrates.

Not since Bruce Lee has a performer set the benchmark so high when it comes to physical fitness. Whether or not it pays off in tonight’s face-off between Germany and Portugal, we’ll find out soon enough!