Even Mark Zuckerberg was stunned by this unprecedented turn of events, remarking, “Something pretty interesting is happening on Facebook in India and Pakistan right now.”

The traditional, historic rivalry between India and Pakistan suddenly took a surprising turn when cricket fans decided to switch sides to send a strong message to their governments that it’s about time that rusty hatchet was finally buried.

Hundreds of thousands of cricket enthusiasts on both sides of the border have taken to social media to push the move for peace by swapping support publicly for the two teams ahead of their much-awaited clash on Saturday.

Facebook is inundated with Indian and Pakistani users posting profile pictures brandishing their rival’s colours. The hashtag #ProfileforPeace is picking up more steam as the big day approaches.

The #ProfileforPeace trend began last October when Ram Subramaniam, a Mumbai-based artist, posted a picture of himself holding up a note saying “I don’t hate Pakistan”, following the cancellation of a Pakistani singer’s concert due to pressure from hardline Hindu activists.

His initiative has now been carried to the cricket field, capturing the imagination of young adults in both India and Pakistan, who are losing patience with their older generation behaving like squabbling children.

In nations where cricket passion runs like a fever in the blood, it is indeed ‘a new world order’.