Justin Trudeau, head of the Liberal Party and Canada’s new Prime Minister-designate, breaks with tradition and brings in a breath of fresh air to Canadian politics in more ways than one. The 43-year-old eldest son of ex-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin has politics in his blood, but he is aiming to put on a new face for Canada, which he says, had lost its ‘compassionate and constructive voice over the last ten years’. Now, on behalf of 35 million Canadians, he has announced to the world, ‘We’re back!’

Trudeau’s Liberal Party delivered a resounding defeat to the Conservatives in last week’s national election, winning a simple majority over a party that has been firmly holding onto power since 2006. The Liberals were wiped out in 2011, and Trudeau’s decisive leadership is mainly responsible for the party’s turnaround in popular opinion.

As Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has announced an ambitious agenda, taking many bold decisions, like the withdrawing of Canadian fighter-jets from the US led mission against ISIS, and the induction of a 50/50 male-female cabinet, to be sworn in early November.

The flamboyant leader has been making headlines for other reasons besides politics. When sworn in, he will possibly be the only present world leader known to flaunt a tattoo. His athletic body and tattoo of Planet Earth inside a Haida Raven made headlines when it came to full public view at a charity boxing match against political rival Patrick Brazeau, which, incidentally, he won.

Trudeau surprised commuters on his first day as PM-in-waiting by appearing at the metro station in his Montreal constituency, happily mingling and taking selfies.

He spoke of a conversation with US President Barack Obama in which the latter jokingly teased him about his lack of grey hair. Trudeau’s reply was, ‘l’ll get some soon’. Perhaps it’s time Barack got a tattoo?