So World Cup fever rages on, but the entertainment doesn’t always come from watching the game… Super Mario’s witty outbursts are enough to fuel the hype. The cocky and extremely talented Italian striker has a knack for making headlines on almost a daily basis. From giving hilarious TV interviews to carrying around stacks of cash on the passenger seat of his Maserati because he feels like ‘sharing’ Balotelli has done it all!

Never does he fail to surprise us with his quirky statements and mannerisms, including the latest one – demanding a kiss from the Queen of England, if Italy are able to keep England’s World Cup dream alive with a victory over Costa Rica in tonight’s match-up.

An Italian stallion at heart and an exceptionally gifted player Balotelli is a real treat to watch. His nutty scoring technique, his perky footwork with the ball and his vivacious celebrations after a goal are unique traits that not only make him a star player, but a great entertainer. This explains his crazy fan following both on the field, as well as on social networks worldwide.

Although Balotelli possesses a rare talent for keeping his head in the game, his sharp tongue often lands him in trouble. His age and vigor also contribute considerably to his fame around the globe.

Recently however, he has reached for the highest and most conservative of ranks in terms of demanding accolade. He claims jokingly of course, (or maybe not) that after the victory over Costa Rica he would like the Queen to express her gratitude by giving him a ‘kiss on the cheek.’

Tonight’s face-off between Italy and Costa Rica (scheduled for 9:00pm PST) will no doubt take-in a huge viewership, especially considering England want Italy to win almost as much as they do.

There will be millions of hearts rooting for Balotelli and it is of course, a laughing matter… But he won’t be laughing so hard if the Italians make the mistake of underestimating the team that beat Uruguay in their opening fixture.

Super Mario, we love you! We really do, but it’s always advisable to practice before a game and relish in the victory after… Just ask England!